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It is important to know that the balance between the muscles of chewing and expression, with the muscles of the tongue and lips needs to be maintai...

It is important to know that the balance between the muscles of chewing and expression, with the muscles of the tongue and lips needs to be maintained, both at rest and in function.

Bad oral habits harm this balance; as:

  • mouth breathing;
  • finger and/or pacifier sucking;
  • unilateral chewing, biting objects, grinding teeth;
  • swallowing with incorrect tongue (between the teeth, or pushing them).

In speech sessions, among the various techniques we use to re-educate oral motor skills, we have Hyperboloid , which can be used in chewing, swallowing and breathing exercises.

Mouth breathers have hypotonic (flabby) muscles and generally do not have the habit of chewing properly, eating quickly and swallowing inappropriately.

Finger and/or pacifier sucking anteriorizes the posture of the tongue, often interfering with speech diction.

Swallowing with the tongue between the teeth, or on them, changes the tooth position.

Unilateral chewing can unbalance the internal muscles of the cheeks, affecting the dental bite; the same happens with the habit of biting objects.

Teeth grinding is an activity called Bruxism, it usually occurs during sleep, and is common in anxious, tense, depressed and highly stressed people; Depending on each person and their sensitivity, the nervous energy charge extrapolates to the mouth, which is the most sensorial part of the human body. Briquismo (clenching of the upper teeth with the lower teeth) can also occur.

Exercises with the Hyperboloid can minimize or eliminate several factors mentioned, and with the help of other oral motricity exercises, in addition to often, the use of an appliance for harmony between the mandible and maxilla, recommended by the specialist in Orthodontics or Functional Orthopedics of Jaws, in short, a joint effort, where our knowledge is applied with the aim of providing the patient, in general, with the means so that they can achieve, according to their possibilities, the best possible performance.

In research carried out, exercises with Hyperboloid also provide: a reduction in cavities; improvement in halitosis (bad breath); improves gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux, and even heartburn, as it stimulates the production of saliva, making it more alkaline.

There is also research on reducing anxiety and emotional tension.

Check out more information about Hyperboloid in the Treatments section of the website.

Dr. Suely Loureiro D'Angelo

Dr. Suely Loureiro D'Angelo has experience in speech therapy. The curriculum includes Improvement, Specialization and University Extension courses at UNIFESP/Escola Paulista de Medicina, at the Faculty of Medicine of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, at USP and at the Regional Council of Speech Therapy – 2nd Region

Get in touch: suely.fono@uol.com.br

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