Privacy Policy

Hiperboloid respects the privacy of its customers. Based on this premise, we created this Privacy Policy. The term “Registration Information” covers all information that may eventually be used to identify the customer, including, without limitation, first and last name, address(es), electronic address (e-mail), telephone number(s), or other information for contact, personal or professional.

In addition to the internal procedures to guarantee data privacy, Hiperboloid is also committed to complying with all national laws (and foreign laws, as applicable), which aim to protect your privacy. It is our goal to protect your “Registration Information”.

The Hiperboloid website is divided into two specific areas, some links on our website are freely accessible to any customer without the need for prior registration, and the area reserved for e-commerce is only open to registered customers. To access e-commerce, Hiperboloid will ask the customer to register their personal information. Hiperboloid will not transfer your "Registration Information" without your consent to third parties, unless such transfer is required by law or court order.

Online shopping:

The Hiperboloid website contains institutional and technical information and allows online purchases. It has a customer area, which can only be accessed after prior registration and obtaining a password.

Hiperboloid offers payment methods via the Wirecard and Paypal gateway. After confirming the order, the customer will be transferred to the online payment portal, which will be responsible for the operation, and can choose payment options by credit card and/or bank slip.

The Wirecard online payment portal has its own security and privacy policies, we suggest consulting before providing any information. Hiperboloid is not responsible for the security and privacy policies of third-party websites.


In areas where customer identification and password are required, only the customer will have access to the information. The customer must keep their password absolutely confidential, which is for personal use and non-transferable. Hiperboloid is not responsible for the misuse of the password by third parties, nor for the knowledge or manipulation of customer information as a result of this misuse. Under no circumstances will the customer's password be requested. If this happens, do not respond! Inform immediately via email or phone (19) 34541403 / Cell phone and Whatsapp: (19) 99176-1108.

Tamper protection systems:

Hiperboloid uses e-commerce systems and secure firewalls to prevent breaches of the webstore and offers protection in the collection and storage of sensitive information, acting as a "shield" against intrusions from third parties and ensuring that only authorized people access the information.

Hiperboloid regularly monitors its networks, servers and security systems to ensure maximum protection, in accordance with currently existing technological resources.

Registration update:

Hiperboloid wishes to preserve your data in an exact and precise manner, so we provide you with several means of contacting Hiperboloid if you need to update, correct or delete any of this information.


By using and accessing this webstore, you express your agreement with the terms of our "Privacy Policy" and with the processing of "Registration Information" carried out by Hiperboloid for the purposes described above.

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