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Dr. AFRÂNIO PEREIRA CHEIDA - Creator of Hiperboloide

- Dental Surgeon;

- Functional Orthopedics of Maxillary Specialist;

- Founder Member of Centro Brasileiro de Bio-Cibernética Bucal (Brazilian Center of Buccal Biocybernetics);

- Founder Member of GEM Group (Maurício Vaz de Lima);

- Researcher in Systemic Odontology, SP – GEM Group (Maurício Vaz de Lima and Humberto Soliva) – RJ

- Title of Excellence in the Dynamic and Functional Technique-Rehabilitation of Maxillary (Orthopedics) Porto Seguro - Bahia;

- Speaker of FOM at IVO (Vitae Ominiscientia Institut);

- Scientific Coordinator at IVO (Vitae Ominiscientia Institut);

- Academician Pierre Fauchard;

- Speaker of the Course Buccal Systemic Focus with Cybernetic Basis.

The creation of Hiperboloide

The Hiperboloide, a mastication apparatus, is the result of more than 35 years of study, work and dedication of the professional life of master Dr. Afrânio Pereira Cheida. In 1955, Dr. Afrânio graduated in Dentistry for PUCC, and in the very beginning of his career, he was an intern at USP with Professor Carlos Aldrovandi’s Protesis team, in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery with Professor J. J. Barros, and took many other education courses with the most renowned professors. He gained experience to work on the various dentistry segments, in a general manner.

In 1976, he was introduced to Dr. Mário Baldani, to Dr. Denisar Lopes Figueiredo and to Dr. Silvio Betarello, and was amazed with the principles of Biocybernetics and, in the study group, started the study-debate about the concept of hyperbolic occlusion. Mário and Afrânio though about fabricating an auxiliary mastication apparatus with adequate shape, texture and material. They started a research and tried to build an exerciser with hyperbolic shape. They did that for some time, but after several unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Mário Baldani gave up. He was really tired because the silicone they had was not adequate and demanded an extensive research, as well as the shape, hardness and the complicated matrix.

Inspired by the principles of FOM, Dr. Afrânio Cheida continued his studies. Several courses were took with: Dr. Maurício Vaz de Lima, Dr. Stefanelli, Dr. Moryón, Dr. Vilma Simões ad others, and he was more a more convinced that it was necessary to carry on and conclude the creation project of the desired mastication exerciser, which could compensate the modern “soft” feeding, and provided the chewing attributes of hardness, adequate to the human being, which would be a very important auxiliary for the maxillary morphofunctional conformation.

A few years went by and, in 1988, in a congress held in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Afrânio Cheida met Professor Iracema Ferrer, Master and Doctor of the Federal University of Pernambuco. She was amazed with the project and said: “Afrânio, don’t stop! This is spectacular. I have traveled the whole World and I don’t know anything like it, it is innovative!” And motivated by Dr. Iracema and Dr. Maurício Vaz de Lima, Dr. Afrânio Cheida went back to Santa Bárbara d’Oeste - São Paulo state, and restarted the research at full blast.

Several multinational companies were consulted about the ideal silicone; studies on shape, hardness, texture, building of the machine, and scientific basis were developed and finally, in 1989, the HIPERBOLOIDE was officially launched in the 4th Brazilian Congress of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Oral Health in Caxambu - Minas Gerais state.

Since then, several studies, scientific basis and literature about the Hiperboloide (HB) have been published and propagated and there are currently more than 50 publications about it in books, articles in scientific magazines, master and doctoral thesis.

Currently, the Hiperboloide is present in several areas as Physiotherapy, Medicine, Dentistry, Speech Therapy, Nursing and other health areas that mention and prove the efficiency of the treatment with Hiperboloide for several pathologies.

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