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Dr. Eliane Garcia
"I have been using hyperboloids for over 10 years, I am a professor of pediatric dentistry and OFM, I work and promote them in all my classes and in the office. I'm glad you will continue this important work. Count on me. Hugs."
Dr. Claude Catcah
" I introduced Dr Afrânio to Dr Rocabado and since then we have never lost contact. His book was mandatory reading for all my students. I am always available to promote HB. Big hug. "
Physiotherapy Clinic
"In my clinical practice, I frequently use this chewing instrument on patients who come to my office. I generally use it on patients with TMJ dysfunction."
Patient Mrs. Ilza
"I started using it daily for 3 months straight and my recovery was magnificent. And today only the doctor can tell if there is still any trace of a stroke."
Dr. Gislaine Juliani Giovanetti
"I have already used it on patients with extremely thick saliva, it improved salivary flow and a decrease in the frequency and extent of recurrent mouth ulcers was observed. In addition to the aesthetic benefits that are obtained permanently"

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