Starter Kit 20

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Recommended for Professionals who are starting to learn the Hyperboloid Method (Complete Kit).


- 2 Cards - Contains 20 units of Hyperboloids

- 1 E-book "Introduction to the Hyperboloid Method" (This Ebook is a summarized and practical guide that will teach you how to evaluate and apply the Hyperboloid Method exercises effectively.

- 1 Hygienic Case -  to store hyperboloid

- 4 Exercise Guides for Patients - assist your patients in correctly performing the exercises

- 1 PEN DRIVE - contains scientific articles, evaluation sheets, exercise guides, exercise and educational videos, e-book and other files.

- Fox ruler - The Fox ruler is used to evaluate the occlusal and facial planes, observing whether they are parallel to the Camper plane and is part of the evaluation of the Hyperboloid Method.

Note: At the time of purchase, you can choose the size of the cards (DV*, GG, G, M, P or PP);

* DV = Miscellaneous (2XL, 2G, 2M, 2P and 2PP)

1 Hyperboloid has an average durability of 7 days, after which it must be replaced.

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