Patient Sample Kit 10
Patient Sample Kit 10

Patient Sample Kit 10

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The Patient Sample KIT was developed for Healthcare Professionals to distribute to their Patients at the time of their first consultation.

With this Hyperboloid, the professional must demonstrate the exercises to the Patient and they will be able to start doing the exercises right after the consultation and thus have time to purchase their Patient Kit without having to interrupt the treatment.


-10 units of Hyperboloids;

-5 Hygienic Cases to be used for storing the Hyperboloid;

- 5 Exercise Guides to be given to Patients to help with the correct execution of the exercises.

Note: At the time of purchase, you can choose the size of the cards (DV*, GG, G, M, P or PP);

* DV = Miscellaneous (2XL, 2G, 2M, 2P and 2PP)

1 Hyperboloid has an average durability of 7 days, after which it must be replaced.

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