Book: Manual Therapy in Atm Dysfunctions

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Book: Manual Therapy in TMJ Disorders
Organizers: Marcelo Tenreiro and Robson Santos

2nd Edition

Publisher: Rubio

The book Manual Therapy in TMJ Disorders, 2nd ed., is a completely revised and updated work based on the
physiotherapists and other health professionals who are dedicated to the treatment and study of cervicocratiomandibular disorders. It is an easy and objective reading material, which explains in a simple way the joint and myofascial manual therapy techniques most used in this joint dysfunction and in the postoperative period of orthognathic surgeries, presenting their scientific bases, their therapeutic effects and their global bodily repercussions.
Starting with a brief review of the anatomy of the TMJ, this book addresses the myology, osteology and innervation of this region, as well as in-depth concepts of craniocervical and temporomandibular biomechanics, which will contribute to the understanding of the various manual therapy and kinesiotherapy protocols elucidated in the work. . The reader will also have the opportunity to understand the pathophysiology and etiology, in addition to the entire clinical picture, as well as the effects that this dysfunction can have on the body and vice versa. Thus, postural changes are evident, particularly cervical ones,
which have a significant role in temporomandibular pain.
The big difference in this new edition compared to the previous one is in the last chapter, which elucidates the physiotherapeutic protocol with an emphasis on manual therapy in the postoperative period of orthognathic surgeries. In this way, it is detailed step by step, from the pre-operative period to the immediate postoperative period.




1 Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Temporomandibular Joint
2 Relationship of the Cervical Spine with the Temporomandibular Joint
3 Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
4 Assessment of Cervicocratiomandibular Disorders
5 Treatment of the Craniovertebral Complex
6 Myofascial Treatment in Cervicocraniomandibular Disorders
7 Temporomandibular Complex Treatment
8 Cranial Therapy for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
9 Physiotherapy with an emphasis on manual therapy in the postoperative period of orthognathic surgeries

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