Book: Healthy TMJ Manual

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Book: Manual Therapy in TMJ Disorders

Author: Marcelo Tenreiro

ISBN: 9788569618072

Year: 2019/1st Edition

Portuguese language

Pages: 106

Bookshelf: Physiotherapy Treatment

"Healthy TMJ Manual” is an objective and practical guide, which teaches those with TMJ disorders, self-treatment techniques that are extremely useful in controlling pain and improving the function of this joint and chewing muscles, and is also an important material for support for health professionals who treat this dysfunction, as it elucidates therapeutic activities such as: kinesiotherapy, stretching, massage therapy, guidance on pain management and quality of life, meditation, self-hypnosis, do-in, among others.


Briefly, this work is divided into five chapters, which begin with simple explanations about what TMJ dysfunction is, seeking to make the sufferer aware of their problem and the importance of emotional and postural behavioral changes that combat wrong habits (Parafunctional), which keeps the overload on this joint and its muscles.

I then progress with the explanation of easy-to-understand exercises, both facial and cervical relaxation, which can be performed in any environment and which evolve gradually, in addition to demonstrating self-massage and self-mobilization techniques that greatly contribute to gaining flexibility and blood irrigation of tissues, in addition to elucidating relaxation and mental reprogramming techniques and the importance of regular physical activity, which combat stress and reduce pain and encourage the resumption of social life and the search for happiness.

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